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Daerenal – The Shattered World (Birth of a new world)

October 14, 2010

Welcome to Daerenal, a new world, which I started to create. My blogs on Daerenal will be more short stories and lore than actual workshops/tutorials. Each post is a first, unedited (so it can contain wrong grammar, words etc.) draft of the text, something that we writers usually don’t post, cause first drafts are usually not so good, at least that what we think. I’ll add more detail to the world with each following post, but feel free to use the world for your own role-playing sessions, expand it and if you do so, it would be great to hear from you.

Today. I’ll start with the first part of the creation myth as it is told among the highborne (elves).

Here we go:

“In the beginning it is said, that there was nothing. Nothing. It was Ilumvatar who sent his word into this nothing and the word became the first blink of time in the endless ocean of nothing. The nothing, pure chaos, grew as the word began to create order into the nothing. Both fought for ages against each other and it was not until Ilumvatar came and strengthened the word to defeat the chaos, to create. As he came, he saw the fight and started to dream, to dream Daerenal. Each image he dreamt became as it was his will. He defeated the chaos and brought victory to the word. The word and his dream became one, became all that there is. So was the way in which Ilumvatar created all plants, all land and all wildlife. He created the ocean, the mountains and the bodies of the sky. The sun and the two moons are his work and all was in harmony, all was perfect and was one.  Ilumvatar saw his dream and it was good and so he created Ijanar and Kaltar, his sons, born of highest blood. He created them as servants, as caretaker to rule over his creation, to take care for his dream. Ijanar ruled over the day, the time of the light from the sun and Kaltar ruled over the night, the time to rest.”

To be continued…

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