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Daerenal – Creation as told among the Highborne (Part 3)

October 25, 2010

(First Draft Warning: The following text has not been edited and is only a rough first draft version)

Here is the third and last part of the first chapter:

“It was this very day, when she walked through the woods, as she saw a being shining as bright as the sun. It was Ijanar as he took care of the plants. Again did she felt her loneliness and an attraction to this being. Ijanar saw her, saw her beauty as a new unknown feeling invaded his heart. He wanted to be with her, but afraid of his unknown feelings, he raced into the woods, disappeared. Sadly Aminalatar looked at the place where she saw him; a tear ran down her face, before she slowly walked back to her people. This very night the heart of Ijanar couldn’t come to rest, couldn’t find peace and so he looked for her and secretly watched her and her people. So he saw that they marry, that they live as husband and wife and thus the strange feeling in his heart grew. He wanted to do everything just to see her again, but he didn’t dare.   It was one of these nights that his brother Kaltar saw Aminalatar too and in his heart grew the desire to posses her, to have her, to rule with her. He started to make gifts to her and her people by leading them unseen to the best places, just as he did with all the animals. And so the time went on as both brothers watched Aminalatar and her people. It was one of these days, which many would call destiny, but maybe it was the will of Ilumvatar, that Aminalatar and Ijanar met again. They met again in the Twilight at the falls of Qui’laran as Aminalatar gathered water for her people. She stood still as petrified as she saw Ijanar, who walked to her, to help her. It is not written nor told what drove their hearts, but as they came close, their arms opened wide and they embraced each other for an endless moment of time. As they looked in each other’s eyes, it’s been just like eternity and endless been the kiss that followed. So deep, so long have been this moment, that they forgot the time and the night had already defeated the day. Like a beacon was their love and bright became the place of their first kiss. Kaltar saw this unusual light as he was on this way to the camp. As he saw Ijanar and Aminalatar embracing and kissing each other, his heart was torn apart and filled with anger, with darkness, with chaos. Unseen he ran into the night, hid and promised revenge. Cold became his heart and merciless his deeds. Ijanar and Aminalatar met every day from this day on and 14 cycles of the moons after their first kiss, they married and became the king and queen of the Dael’kardokai. Wise ruled Ijanar and Arminalatar and let their people in to the Mystic Age of our Forefathers.”

If you like you can download the first chapter of the “Creation as told among the Highborne” here.

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