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Daerenal – Creation as told among the Highborne (Part 4)

November 23, 2010

(First Draft Warning: The following text has not been edited and is only a rough first draft version)

Finally I found the time to post the first part of the second chapter. Here we go:

The Mystic Age
It was the day of the great marriage, of a marriage never been seen among the Dael’kardokai ever before or after. It was the day when Ijanar stood in front of the altar, built for his father, and Aminalatar, more beautiful than the sunlight in spring or the crystal clear water of the Qui’latakar, walked down the aisle to meet with him, to see him, to become one with him in front of the father of all, that the Mystic Age and the glory of the Dael’kardokai took its beginning.
It was a glorious day and for ages the people would echo the beauty and the songs of this day. The loneliness of our queen was broken, has ended forever and a new age had dawn. It was the age where the people of the Dael’kardokai rose to rule over whole Daerenal. We built temples and city throughout the woods and conquered the Great Plains. We grew every plant that the almighty father had given us and peace was everywhere. It was the time where whole Daerenal was flourishing and no pain or suffering existed. Every one helped his neighbor and no darkness, chaos was on Daerenal. Our people created wonders far beyond imagination and thus the great city, the city of Taltangotar, became home of the palace from Ijanar and Aminalatar. Everything was shining; everything was in harmony, just awaiting an even greater light that had yet to come to this world.

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