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Welcome to my sample page.

Here you’ll find links to different samples I’ve discussed in my posts or which I’ve created to give you a deeper insight into my skills. Most samples come with a small reference sheet, which contains more information on the particular sample. Please let me know your thoughts and comments.

Please click on the title of a sample to start the download.

Quest Design:

A sample quest chain for World of Warcraft, which makes heavenly use of the Warcraft lore created by Blizzard.

Level Design:

A Warcraft 3 – The Frozen Throne map. This map tells the last hours before Xaldagor, a high elf ranger, becomes the bloodelf hunter he is today in the World of Warcraft. It shows the attack from the Dark Prince Arthas on the Gate of Quel′Thalas and the creation of the Dark Lady from another point of view, as it was shown in Warcraft 3 – Reigns of Chaos.

A StarCraft 2 – multiplayer map. This map is a classical 2 versus 2 map. It challenges the teams by not placing them close to each other. Also the acid-like water, which destroys slowly every unit and building that touches it, adds an extra challenge to this map. The map is available on BattleNet, but can also be downloaded from this page, so that you can open it in the StarCraft 2 editor. In total it took me around 8 hours to develop this map from scratch without any previous knowledge about the StarCraft 2 editor. In my posts on RTS level design, I’ll describe the design process.

A Neverwinter Nights 2 map, which features different design features, like cut-scenes, boss fights and puzzles. The mod needs “Neverwinter Nights 2” and the first add-on “Mask of the Betrayer”. This sample is in a development state, which I consider “Beta”, so please let me know, if you found any bugs.

System Design:

This is an excerpt from my live role-playing system and it should demonstrate my system design skills.


These samples have been taken from my screenplay “High Fly”.

“High Fly” is a story about a young woman called Gina Bauer. She dreams of becoming a star and to live together with Michael “Maddy” Dara, a mid-twenty boy group singer and her dream boy. During the show all her dreams become true. Blissfully and a bit naive, she starts a new life with Maddy far away from her home town and with no friends except Michael and his boy group.

These samples have been taken from my screenplay “The Last Days”.

“The Last Days” plays in a post-apocalyptic future and is inspired by elements from “The Matrix” and “Shadowrun”. It mixes fantasy elements with those from action and sci-fi movies. In the beginning, Jim, the protagonist, is an assassin and kills for money. He’s a typical lone wolf in this grim future, but during the story he learns what true friendship means and eventually even goes as far as being willing to die for it.

This is a short character biography from Jim Shadowson, the protagonist from “The Last Days”. The sample should present my skills in character creation.

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